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About Us

Easy Home was started with the belief that owning a home must be a joyous experience for homeowners. We firmly believe that great design can only be executed when the home architect is at the core of the journey from concept to completion.  To enable this our team of in-house architects as well as renowned design partners from across the globe collaborate to effectively conceptualize, manage, and deliver your dream home using our technology platform.

Design and Technology are at the heart of everything we do, it is an ethos that is embedded into Easy Home as we strive to bring ease and transparency to homeowners.

We provide end-to-end home planning, designing, building and project management tools to the homeowner with the power to be connected to your work on site completely mobile. We are a design and technology-first start up and employ a combination of data science, algorithms, and design to create unique experiences for homeowners.With over 5000+ happy customers and trusted design partners across India, we are India’s first service to give the homeowner complete integrated services with absolute transparent systems.

Design Philosophy

We are an architect-led real tech company and logical design is central to everything that we do. We follow a human-centered design approach, where the users of our spaces are at the center of our work which is a key tenet of design thinking, a thought process we follow. As our methods evolve in response to the new challenges, we’re always designing solutions for people first. We call this the ‘ you philosophy’ for architecture and interior design.

Technology Innovation

Improved project outcomes can only occur through understanding the most significant of the problems in the construction space which are the lack of Transparency, communication, and collaboration. Innovation in technology has been at the core of our project management methodology and our platform ‘E Home’ is the first of its kind that enables homeowners to communicate, collaborate and track their projects from concept to completion. We are constantly evolving as we strive to bring more power into the hands of the homeowner which is a theme underlying all of the above technologies in the impending connection of many construction activities that are currently siloed.


Raja Arjun

His particular approach of design and enterprise strategy applied to brands, spaces and objects as a medium, is helping companies innovate and grow. His primary focus is on creativity, adopting design thinking as an operative discipline and work methodology. With every job, he strives to make an incisive and positive contribution to the way of thinking, producing and promoting as a whole.

Raja Arjun is an architect who graduated from RV school of architecture amongst the top 50 in India and was awarded by the Council Of Architecture for his merits. He holds a masters in strategic design thinking, graduating with top honors from the prestigious IE university; Spain. His unique set of customer centric research and strategic design skills have helped him consult for some of the top fortune 500 companies Sony, Tata, Reliance, Hindustan unilever and smaller game changing startups alike.

He is a cross pollinator who propagates the importance of timely innovation to form disruptive business models. Raja Arjun brings his unique understanding of Architecture, Interior design, Product design, Construction management and customer research to Easy homes India.

Karthik Raju

Karthik Raju is a second-generation entrepreneur and an MBA from Babson College, Boston, USA. Karthik has worked in Amazon.com and various management consulting firms in the US as well as in Real Estate Development in India. His experience in Technology Consulting and Real Estate has enabled him to bring a fresh perspective in the development of our technology platform that enables us to execute tasteful designs for our clients.